Health Benefits of Sukhasana (Easy Pose) !!

You can keep your body, limbs and muscles trim and impeccable by practicing the Yogasana Postures daily. In addition, you get peace of mind, clarity of thinking and elated spirit. Here is one fine example for these benefits by Sukhasana (Easy Pose).

In our daily hectic life, we don’t get a chance to sit on the ground and relax. In this Sukhasana you sit happily on the floor, fold your legs and tug your feet under the opposite thigh, placing your hands loosely upon the knees with open palms. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed in this posture for a long time. This is a posture ideal for plunging into meditation by concentrating and focusing your mind.

Sukhasana Posture eliminates stress and anxiety; induces calmness of mind; improves blood circulation in your hips, legs, spine, back and pelvis area and helps digestive organs immensely. You get fresh energy and rejuvenated.


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